Day care and preschool education

Photo: Maarit Miettinen

Families residing in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen have the opportunity to apply for a day care place for their child in a Helsinki metropolitan area city other than their city of residence. The right to day care independent of municipal borders does not apply to private day care or shift day care organised by the city.

When granting day care places, each city prioritises its own residents. For this reason, families are encouraged to also apply for a day care place in their municipality of residence.

The cities in the Helsinki metropolitan area have agreed that when a family moves to another municipality, the child’s day care place remains in the previous municipality of residence until the child starts school.

Families are liable to pay the customer fees set by the city that provides the day care service.

Applying for day care


Preschool education

Preschool education begins around one year before the start of comprehensive school. The preschool day is 4 hours during the regular school year.

In the Helsinki metropolitan area, preschool education is mainly organised by the child’s municipality of residence. The cities accept children from other municipalities in preschool education provided that there is enough space at the location after all children from the municipality have been registered. The condition for a child being accepted as a pupil is that the guardian is responsible for the costs of the pupil’s transportation to the school.

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