Helsinki Region Statistics

The purpose of regional information cooperation is to maintain joint information services duties and promote regional data gathering and research.

Regional information services aim to secure a uniform knowledge base in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Helsinki Region Statistics - The database contains basic time series statistics by municipality and total Helsinki Region. The database also contains timeseries about Uusimaa and Eastern Uusimaa Provinces by municipality.
[Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, HSY, Uusimaa Regional Council]

Helsinki Region Trends - Quarterly information on the development of the region.
[City of Helsinki Urban Facts]

HSY Regional Information produces information in order to improve the urban environment. The tasks of the unit are air quality monitoring, strategy work on the mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change and producing, delivering and improving the quality of regional information data.

Uusimaa Facts
[Uusimaa Regional Council]

Helsinki Metropolitan Region Urban Research Program is a horizontal cooperation network between Helsinki metropolitan area cities, universities, universities of applied sciences and two state ministries. Main goal of the program is to promote and fund multi-disciplinary, high quality urban research with a starting point that takes into consideration the special characteristics of the Helsinki Metropolitan Region.
[University of Helsinki]

Helsinki Region Infoshare (HRI) aims to make regional information accessible to all. The data on offer is ready to be used freely at no cost. Users can download information and use it in decision-making, utilise it in their applications, or develop entirely new services based on the information.
[Helsinki Region Infoshare]

Helsinki - Tallinn, Facts and figures 2014 (pdf)

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Metropolitan Region Urban Studies Network
The network seeks to develop cooperation in urban research in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
[University of Helsinki]

Statistics Finland produces nearly 200 different sets of statistics. A majority of the data for the statistics are derived from existing registers of general government.
[Statistics Finland]

European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN)
is a European initiative in which 15 EU Member States and two city networks participate. Its primary aim is to share knowledge and experiences in tackling urban issues.
[Ministry of the Interior and City of Helsinki]

Urban Audit collects information on the living conditions in 258 large and medium-sized cities within the European Union and the candidate countries (EU27).
[Urban Audit]


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