Facts about Vantaa

People have been living in Vantaa ever since the Stone Age. Indeed, the earliest signs of human habitation date back around, 7000 years. Even though the settlement is ancient, the population today is fairly young. Vantaa is the fourth biggest city in Finland with more than 210,000 inhabitants. Less than 20% of Vantaa residents are under 16 years old, while 14.5% are aged 64 or over. Almost every tenth Vantaa resident is a foreign national, and—besides Finnish and Swedish—more than a hundred other languages are spoken in the city.

Helsinge Parish became Helsinki Rural District in 1865. Then, in 1974 there was another name change and the present name, City of Vantaa, was adopted. 

The earliest document in which the region is actually mentioned is a letter from King Maunu Eerikinpoika to Estonian monks and dates back to 1351. Nikolaus Risibeter and the other monks of the Padis monastery were granted the right to fish for salmon in the rapids of what is nowadays known as the River Vantaa.

Photo: Sakari Manninen

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