Facts about Kauniainen

Kauniainen is one of the four towns in the metropolitan region. It is situated 15 kilometres west of the capital Helsinki and surrounded by the neighbouring town Espoo. Kauniainen has approximately 9300 people, of whom 59% are Finnish-speaking and 36% Swedish-speaking.

The shopping center of Kauniainen has been built around the railway station. There you will find the Town Hall, the Library, the two churches as well as shops and other kinds of service. Surrounding the center are forests and nature trails, parks, schools, sport grounds and the villas and small houses which make Kauniainen the nice garden town it is today.

It is of great importance that the inhabitants should feel at home in Kauniainen and that there should be a good supply of service for all ages. There are many possibilities for hobbies of all kinds, sports and exercise, courses, concerts, exhibitions etc.

Railway station

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