Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen collaborate in the development of general information services for immigrants in the Helsinki metropolitan area in the NEO-SEUTU project. The goal of the project is to secure the right information at the right time for newcomers. The project was launched in May 2009, and its first phase was completed in 2011. NEO-SEUTU now consists of four sub-projects, NEO-Helsinki, NEO-Espoo, NEO-Vantaa and NEO-Kauniainen. Otaniemi International Network OIT partnered with the project in 2009-2011 focusing on family services for experts in Otaniemi. Kauniainen joined NEO-SEUTU in 2012.  
- Public information services in Vantaa
- Public information services in Espoo
- In Espoo and Activity Centers Alma and Kivenkolo in Espoo
- Virka Info in Helsinki
- City of Kauniainen

What does NEO-SEUTU do?
NEO-SEUTU organizes workshops and training for counsellors, and it distributes information about the common information services of the cities in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The project explores various alternatives for guidance and counselling in co-operation with counsellors and their supervisors, and it builds a general immigrant information network in the area. The project collaborates with authorities, companies and non-profit organizations. Important partners for NEO-SEUTU and its sub-projects include Info Bank, The European Social Fund’s immigration support programmes ALPO and MATTO at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finnish Immigration Service, Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, the InTo Finland immigrant service of the Tax Administration, and many others.

The NEU-SEUTU project’s steering group is chaired by Teemu Haapalehto, Manager of Immigration Affairs at the City of Espoo. The steering group includes representatives of the Cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen, Kela, local register offices, Tax Administration, Finnish Immigration Service, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, the policing section of the Ministry of the Interior, and various non-profit organizations.

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Project Manager
Riitta Lampelto

Project Coordinator
Hua Lei




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